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Social Media Change

During this upcoming week, I will be officially leaving Facebook.


Well, It started with an increased awareness of how much my information was being used by FB to make money through advertising and how little I was actually seeing genuine community. I'd already purged many individuals I no longer kept in touch with and/or who had become merely acquaintances a mere 18 months ago - ~700 people removed over the course of a couple days. Even from the remaining 450, I only saw posts from a small handful and I found myself gravitating more towards interest-based groups to find a modicum of interaction that was lacking elsewhere.

During that time, though, I also began to become increasingly aware of how much I used my phone, whether social media or the single android game I have, to fill any measure of downtime. I was checking my phone while in line at the store, waiting for an airplane, supervising Squirt while he's playing, sitting at a red light... the list goes on. Some of the…

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