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COMLEX Debrief

So, a couple days ago I completed COMLEX Level 1. The number on question I received after finishing it was, "So, how was it?" At the time, I didn't really have a very good answer, but now I've got a small something to say

In many ways, I expected something far bigger and far worse. I say this, because, for something titled the "Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Exam", it didn't feel all that comprehensive. Instead, to me, it felt like I was taking some kind of Family Medicine shelf exam - which doesn't exactly help the reputation that DOs are only good for primary care. There was a lot of OMT, general Cardio, Micro (mostly common things, with some curveballs), common genetic disorders, etc., and what seemed to me to be a lot of common, basic complaints. There was the occasional question about some rare disease or a rare genetic condition, there were the occasional Pharm interaction questions or non-mainline drug questions, but, by and larg…

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