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Wading in the Morass (Or, Addressing the Money Question)

I wrote a few weeks ago on being in a tougher financial spot than I'd like, and, in the time from then to now, I've been trying to navigate the morass of "Where do we go from here?"

That's a big question. While I don't doubt that I need to continue with my studies and push through to that D.O., a number of lingering questions echo through my mind. How am I going to get us out of this hole? How will we pay this debt? Will we be able to pay the electricity? Will we be able to pay the car note? These are pretty major questions that directly affect our quality of life. To that end we've started looking for freelance work, sources of odd jobs online that can work with the schedule of new parents and a med student. I'm trying my hand at transcription work, which I'm finding pays far less for my little free time than I had over-optimistically hoped. My wife's trying her hand at an internet search/advertisement quality company. I've looked at blog…

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