Cabin Fever

You know, this blog has kinda become a fortnightly gig and I kinda like it that way - takes a lot of the pressure off to come up with stuff at a higher rate.

Anyways, Boards are looming (13 days til COMLEX, according to Firecracker... Thanks sooo very much, guys) and if there's anything I now know for certain, it's that man was not made to sit in front of a screen for 10, 12, 14 hours on end. That and Alport Syndrome is a condition caused by a genetic mutation leading to a malformation of Type IV Collagen

I exaggerate somewhat, but, at this point, it does feel kinda like bashing my head against the wall - pointless, painful, and possibly bad for my health. Still, there's some comfort in knowing that I only have ~ 4 weeks of this exquisite ... joy ... left. Then I have a week, maybe 2 to relax and it's off to rotations - the light at the end of the tunnel that is the first two years of med school.

Anywho, be praying - in 2 weeks time I take COMLEX and 2 weeks after that, USMLE. After that, I will officially be halfway to being a doc.


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