Decisions, Decisions

One of the biggest stressors on med students, not including exams, boards, preceptors, etc., is choosing a specialty.

Do I like psych?
What about cardiology?
Ooh, not derm.
I love...

You get the idea.

Now, I count myself fortunate in that I've always known I want to do something related to pediatrics. My only problem: what subspecialty (if any?) Do I go for pediatric emergency? If so, how? What about peds critical care? Maybe I should just be an outpatient primary care pediatrician?

Something my wife was encouraging me to do the other day is to figure out what my vision is. Now, this doesn't mean getting tested by the optometrist. Rather, it means spending time in communication with the one who designed my particular race course. After all, if I'm not seeking what God's plan and vision for my and my family's lives is, I'll be steering us in the completely wrong direction - into sin.

All that to say, please, pray with me as I seek to step up in this manner in my role as husband and father.


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