Finishing Strong

Yesterday was my last day of lectures...

Well, it was for my class. For me, that's still up in the air, but I'm not going to dwell on that just now.

For two whole years, we've slogged. We've crammed mass amounts of knowledge about every organ system and every specialty into our heads at high speed. We've lost sleep. We've hung in there when many quit. And now we're here, on the precipice of 3rd year, that promised land of hands-on learning and application, of actually putting into practice the tomes of knowledge jammed into our minds.

Just a couple more assessments.

Just boards.

To my class, I congratulate all of you for making it here.
To myself, be patient. Pray. One way or another, you will be given the opportunity to reverse your mistakes and, whichever means that is, apply what you have learned and finish strong.


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