Thank You

I know I'm a day late (and sorry about last week) but here goes.

So, as everybody in the US knows, yesterday was Memorial Day, a day set apart to thank and celebrate fallen soldiers. The rest of the world celebrates on Nov 11, also known as Armistice Day, but here, in the US, we have older wars that we remember, too.

For those that didn't know, Memorial day has been around since just after Pres. Lincoln's death, as it was set up to remember those fallen during the Civil War from both sides. Over the course of time, the list of the fallen grew through WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other subsequent conflicts.

While no-one I know personally has died in any of these wars, I have family and peers who have served. Seeing their memorials and remembrances of fallen comrades is a severe reminder of the cost of that luxury we call "freedom".

To the families and friends of the fallen, my sympathies. God's strength and peace to you as you remember fallen loved ones.


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